Elastos Forest Node

Earn ELA While Supporting Ecological Development

Our Vision

Elaforestnode (EFN) is a supernode group created by cryptocurrency enthousiasts and Cyber Republicans Michael and Giel Boes. Two Dutch Elastonian brothers, whose mission it is to plant over 1 milion trees by 2025. So far we’ve accomplished to plant almost 39.000 trees.

We're partnering with WeForest in order to start the EFN foundation. Elastos holders are able to vote on EFN utilizing dedicated and secure wallets. Beside getting a nice reward, EFN voters will be contributing to ecological development on a global scale. 

For now our focus is on planting trees. In the future we’ll look into other options aswell, e.g. ocean cleanup or wildlife preservation.

Our Mission

It is our primary objective to secure the Elastos network. For our server configuration, we have chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) for they are well known, reliable, scalable and very robust.

Our secondary objective is to plant as many trees as possible on a global scale. Deforestation, marine pollution and animal extinction require immediate and ambitious action to prevent the worst effects it can have all over the world. EFN intents to counter the indirect impact Bitcoins' high energy cost Proof of Work has on our enviroment with proactive, real-world strategies.

Total Rewards in ELA


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Rewards for Voters in ELA


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Trees Funded


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About us

Michael Boes

I first started getting involved with Elastos in early 2018. Honestly, I started looking into the project to see if I could make a quick buck out of it. I started doing my own research (highly recommended) and it wasn't long before I stumbled upon a video from BlockchainBrad interviewing Rong Chen. In it, he passionately explained the vision and giant scope of Elastos. I was hooked.

''I've always felt a deep connection with nature. I believe it to be in all of our interest to care about deforistation, marine pollution and animal extinction, and to start looking for proactive and innovative ways to counter the destructive impact human kind has on mother nature.”

Giel Boes

Eversince my brother, Michael, introduced me to the vision of Elastos I've been a huge fan. When I first started learning about Elastos I had thesame feeling as when I started learning about Bitcoin - this is (r)evolutionary! I believe decentralization and giving people back true ownership of their data/money is the right way forward.

''Every time I'm late for an appointment, or when I travel, I plant trees. I also raise funds with individuals and businesses to plant trees when someone fails or succeeds to achieve a goal on time. I'm a trainer at EmailEfficiencyBooster.com and motivator at PleasePush.me.”

Reward Structure

✓Reward split between voters, foundation and members after expenses are taken out.

✓Rewards will be distributed on a monthly basis.

✓Each voter will have to have cast their vote for the entirety of that month to receive rewards.

✓This reward structure is not definitive and will be changed if deemed necessary. When changed, we will update our community through our social media outlets beforehand.

 Questions? Feel free to send us an e-mail at info@elaforest.com or reach out to us on twitter or telegram.







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Earn ELA While Supporting Ecological Development

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